The Redwoods Gathering – Save the Date

We have found a way to restore our plans for a gathering in October (26th-28th). The Learning Community for Person Centered Practices (TLCPCP) has offered to present the gathering virtually with our local agenda committee handling the planning. Under this arrangement, anyone who registered for the April Gathering and did not receive a refund will be … Read more

Guidelines for using 1st person in writing a person centered plan

When writing a person centered plan, using first person should be approached cautiously. There is a persistent belief that writing the plan in first person somehow “makes” the plan person centered. Plans that are written in first person do read more powerfully but the person developing the plan needs to understand the responsibility that they … Read more

Supporting People in Taking Medication

Filmed during the COV-19 pandemic, this video is focused in supporting people who take their own medication. It encourages individuals to work with support staff regarding ways to implement the seven rights: right person; right medication; right dose; right time; right route; right reason; and, right documentation. You can see it here.

Special Edition of NorCal Newsletter

Good morning, we felt the need to put out an special edition to address the current pandemic. We enlisted the help of two incredible service providers to build the content. We hope it’s helpful. If you would like to receive it, please send us an email ( and write JOIN in the subject line. Stay safe!

NorCal Gathering Newsletter #2

Attached find our second edition. We thought we’d provide some thoughts and resources that focus on building community connections. When we get to the new normal, friends, relationships, and community associations and activities will be more important than ever. We’ll all be starved for them!Note: If you received this newsletter and want to be unsubscribed, please return … Read more

NorCal Gathering Committee Newsletter

While we had to cancel our 2020 NorCal Gathering for now, we are working on a plan to reschedule. In the meantime, we would like to send out a newsletter to keep in touch. It will contain links to resources, articles and tools that we hope will keep you interested. Attached is the pilot edition. If you have ideas … Read more

Listen to Me and Your Personal Passport

ListenToMe is a way to get started in helping someone move towards the life that he or she wants to lead. Don’t stop here, don’t plan just once – keep listening.  Passport is for people with developmental disabilities and their friends and families who want to learn more about person-centered planning. It will also help people get … Read more