Allen, Shea & Associates
A Certified California Small Business and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise since 1986
50 Chapel Hill Drive, Napa, CA  94559
Telephone:  (707) 738-0342

Allen, Shea & Associates was organized in 1986. We provide professional services in the area of planning, research, training, materials development, and evaluation within the field of human services with an emphasis on disabilities. We’ve been serving you on the web since 1996. To reach us by email, we’re always at allenbill@mac.com.

The firm:
William T. Allen, Ph.D., Sole Proprietor, Co-founder (1986-Present)
John R. Shea, Ph.D., Retired, Co-founder (1986-2020)

Principal Interests
Allen, Shea & Associates is a technical assistance workgroup, originally organized in March 1986, as a general partnership. It provides professional services in the program development, implementation and reporting of evaluation, program and individual planning, and research, training in person centered thinking and planning, website content. These services are primarily focused on the field of human services with an emphasis on disabilities. The firm seeks, through its work, to inform policymakers, to improve the work of practitioners, to enhance services and supports, and to improve quality life of individuals with disabilities and their families.

Bill Allen was Executive Director (1983- 87) of the Area IV Board on Developmental Disabilities. He also served as Resource Developer and Program Evaluator (1980-83) for North Bay Regional Center. His work experi­ence includes program evaluation, advocacy, field-based research, mental health day treatment therapist, resource development, teaching, person-centered planning, technical assistance and consultation.

John Shea, retired, was Executive Director (1979-89) of Bayberry, Incorporated, a non-profit agency providing residential services for adults with developmental disabilities, in Napa, California. John served as a Senior Fellow (1973-79) with the Carnegie Commission (and, later, Council on Policy Studies) on Higher Education, Berkeley, California, as a Research Economist (1974-75), University of California – Berkeley, Center for Research and Development on Higher Education.

Bill has a Ph.D. in Special Education from the University of Washington. John has a Ph.D. in Economics from the Ohio State University, with an emphasis on manpower and educational planning, human resource policy, and labor economics.

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