The Redwoods Gathering – Save the Date

We have found a way to restore our plans for a gathering in October (26th-28th). The Learning Community for Person Centered Practices (TLCPCP) has offered to present the gathering virtually with our local agenda committee handling the planning. Under this arrangement, anyone who registered for the April Gathering and did not receive a refund will be … Read more

NorCal Gathering Newsletter #2

Attached find our second edition. We thought we’d provide some thoughts and resources that focus on building community connections. When we get to the new normal, friends, relationships, and community associations and activities will be more important than ever. We’ll all be starved for them!Note: If you received this newsletter and want to be unsubscribed, please return … Read more

ANDI for Consumers

A workbook for helping people with disabilities evaluate the places they live and work. This is a workbook about PROGRAM EVALUATION. That means looking at the things a program is good at (its strengths) and the things it should work on (its needs). It is a way to help a program improve and get better … Read more

Supported Living Service Quality Review Process

The SLS Quality Review Process is designed as a comprehensive team review of a provider’s supported living services. By looking at how the provider is doing in supporting a sample of individuals, the team will identify the provider’s areas of strengths and needs. The SLS Quality Review Process is focused on the provider and would only … Read more

Participant Guide for Infinite Waters

We’re excited to give you the Participant Guide for the upcoming NorCal Gathering in Petaluma. You’ll find the agenda, a hotel listing and some information about the introductory 4+1 activity (don’t worry if you’ve never used it before). You will see that there are many hotel options in Petaluma and even more in the greater … Read more