What Is Community Anyway?

By David M. Chavis & Kien Lee Our understanding of community can help funders and evaluators identify, understand, and strengthen the communities they work with. The meaning of community is complex. And, unfortunately, insufficient understanding of what a community is and its role in the lives of people in diverse societies has led to the downfall … Read more

friendship and community

by jo kennedy, helen sanderson, and helen wilson Despite the undoubted progress that has been made by public services in improving the lives of people with learning disabilities, one aspect stands out as being very much the same. People with learning disabilities are, on the whole, still not part of their local communities in terms of … Read more

Families planning together

by Michael W. Smull, Mary Lou Bourne, Amanda George, and Shelley Dumas Karrie is a young woman who is described by those who like and admire her as a helpful, hard worker, with great stamina. Not too long ago she was also seen (by the staff of the agency that supported her during the day) as … Read more

One Couple’s Person Centred Planning Story

by Helen Sanderson and Associates Back in 2002 Sally was the single parent of Alex, a boy with an Autism diagnosis who had just finished a successful inclusive primary school and was starting out at a ‘resourced’ secondary school. Sally had always been active in local parents groups and considered herself to be well informed … Read more

We Have Human Rights

by the Harvard Project on Disability (www.hpod.org) Welcome to the power of human rights. This book is for people with developmental disabilities. You can use it to learn about your rights. You can also use it to talk with others about your rights. When you speak up for yourself, you are a self-advocate. When you work … Read more

Practicalities and Possibilities! Person centred thinking and planning with older people

by Helen Sanderson and Associates The stories shared in this paper show what’s working well and what people are learning about providing truly person centred support that gives older people greater choice and control over any assistance they need. This is crucial as we know that the more people of any age rely on others … Read more

A Guide to Developing Community Connections

Compiled by Patsy Davies and Claudia Bolton Assisting people feel connected to their neighborhoods and communities can be both exciting and difficult, simple and mysterious. In spite of these complexities, we believe that it is one of the most important things we can do in our work in supporting people with disabilities. This workbook is a … Read more

essential lifestyle planning for everyone

Michael W. Smull and Helen Sanderson with Charlotte Sweeney, Louise Skelhorn, Amanda George, Mary Lou Bourne and Michael Steinbruck Welcome to the second edition of the facilitator’s handbook, a resource manual for those people who develop essential lifestyle plans. Since we first developed essential lifestyle planning in the late 1980s and early 1990s we have tried … Read more

Person Centered Planning and Communication of End-Of-Life Wishes With People Who Have Developmental Disabilities

by Leigh Ann Kingsbury, MPA, Gerontologist Published in the Journal of Religion, Disability and Health: May, 2005 Person centered planning is a common practice in most developmental disability systems. As people with disabilities are living to old age and being supported in the community as they age and die, there is an ever increasing need … Read more