Families planning together

by Michael W. Smull, Mary Lou Bourne, Amanda George, and Shelley Dumas Karrie is a young woman who is described by those who like and admire her as a helpful, hard worker, with great stamina. Not too long ago she was also seen (by the staff of the agency that supported her during the day) as … Read more

One Couple’s Person Centred Planning Story

by Helen Sanderson and Associates Back in 2002 Sally was the single parent of Alex, a boy with an Autism diagnosis who had just finished a successful inclusive primary school and was starting out at a ‘resourced’ secondary school. Sally had always been active in local parents groups and considered herself to be well informed … Read more

essential lifestyle planning for everyone

Michael W. Smull and Helen Sanderson with Charlotte Sweeney, Louise Skelhorn, Amanda George, Mary Lou Bourne and Michael Steinbruck Welcome to the second edition of the facilitator’s handbook, a resource manual for those people who develop essential lifestyle plans. Since we first developed essential lifestyle planning in the late 1980s and early 1990s we have tried … Read more

Learn the Basics, Learn the Process, Apply What You Learn: Service Coordination Orientation and Training Curriculum

While all twenty-one Regional Centers are not alike, the same laws and regulations apply to each. What you will find in this document are the general procedures that all Regional Centers use with a number of examples. While it was developed in 1999, most of the material is still quite relevant. The 782 page guide includes … Read more

Support Development Associates

  Support Development Associates You Tube channel. Videos focused on person centered thinking, planning and organizational strategies. Check out the playlist titled Moving Toward a Person Centered System: Lessons Learned. It’s a series of clips from a two presentation by Michael Smull.

When We Don’t Agree

When We Don’t Agree by Max Neill, Safiyyah Patel, Catherine Dobson Dealing with conflict therefore relies on learning to listen well to the person, and a commitment to create new attitudes and expectations based on new kinds of relationships. Person centred thinking and planning is a set of skills and techniques designed to help us listen well … Read more

After the Plan

Another timeless article written back in the day! byMichael W. Smull Learning how people want to live and then doing nothing with the information is a form of abuse. A good plan not only clarifies what each individual wants but creates the perception that those who participated in the planning will do something about it. … Read more

More Than a Meeting: A Guide to the Person-Centered Individual Program Plan

Originally developed for the Department of Developmental Services by Allen, Shea & Associates This is a large format version of the pocket we originally developed. Like many of the other documents we keep resurrecting, it’s still pretty spot on. What’s This Guide All About? The Lanterman Act is the law in California that says that people … Read more