Personalized Dementia Care

Person Centered Approach to providing Quality Care (more information here)

CMS and the State of Minnesota requirements recognize the importance of educating staff on providing quality care for the folks that suffer from Dementia. By understanding some key facts about how a person with Dementia sees the world and some practical tools to ensure affective, productive and quality care is delivered to those who are on the Dementia journey. This 8hr training promises to take you on an interactive exploratory journey that will help you feel, understand and appreciate the world of Dementia.

It’s our job to help people be in charge of their own lives and help them maintain a quality of life that aligns with who they are and supports all the things that are important to them. Maintaining a quality of life that is unique to us, is what we all do, what we all strive for, and is something we will fight for till the end. People who are suffering from Dementia are robbed of the opportunity to control their own quality of life, it is our job as the supporting cast to understand their world and provide the stage needed to thrive and not just survive.

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