An Opportunity to Provide Feedback on California’s Quality Incentive Program 

Now Accepting Public Comments: Quality Incentive Program DDS is posting proposed quality measures and incentives for service providers for public comment. These measures were developed over several months with input from stakeholders through workgroup meetings. The measures align with implementation of the Quality Incentive Program, which is designed to support and incentivize a person-centered, statewide service system that provides high-quality, … Read more

Pensamiento Centrado en la Persona

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A Dive into the Archives of Michael Smull’s Writings About Person Centered Thinking and Planning

Here are some writings from early in the creation of Essential Lifestyle Planning (early to mid 1990s). Person centered planning, should we do it with everyone?, A Plan is Not an Outcome, Standing with Jon, Full inclusion and the value of students with severe disabilities, Moving from supported living to a supported life, Thinking About … Read more

Moving from supported living to a supported life 

 Michael Smull  One of the central questions in implementing CSLA was whether or not supported living could successfully move beyond the pioneers. A small group of pioneering agencies had shown that people with disabilities could have lives of their own choosing regardless of severity of their disability. These agencies are committed to supporting people in … Read more

Allen, Shea & Associates – Examples of DVBE Subcontracts

Here is a listing of recent DVBE subcontracts that we are currently working on or have successfully completed: First 5 California Home Visiting Workforce Policy Recommendations & Supporting Evidence with Child Trends (2022) CDCR Professional Learning Communities in Corrections Education with American Institutes of Research (2020 – Present) First Five Dual Language Learner (DLL) Pilot … Read more

A Guide to Single Household Supported Living Services

Developed for Connections for Information and Resources on Community Living (CIRCL) by Kathleen Campbell Joan Schmidt June, 2004 Written by parent vendors Kathi Campbell and Joan Schmidt, this is a comprehensive guide for parents who want to be vendored for single household supported living services. While some of the particulars (e.g., regulations) may have been … Read more

Personalized Dementia Care

Person Centered Approach to providing Quality Care (more information here) CMS and the State of Minnesota requirements recognize the importance of educating staff on providing quality care for the folks that suffer from Dementia. By understanding some key facts about how a person with Dementia sees the world and some practical tools to ensure affective, … Read more