Measure for Measure: person-centered quality assurance

In the summer of 2000, representatives of nine national developmental disabilities organizations joined together to launch theDevelopmental Disabilities Quality Coalition (DDQC). The purpose of the DDQC is to prospectively address the public issues surrounding the quality and availability of community services for persons with developmental disabilities. The Wingspread Conference was organized around a series of … Read more

The Redwoods Gathering 2020

One hundred and eighty people from California and beyond joined together for three days of great presentations and discussions about everything from virtual training, services, and planning to trauma based supports. Here’s a graphic that best describes the combined appreciations of everyone who attended. Hope to see you next time!

The Redwoods Gathering- REGISTER NOW

October 26th-28th, 2020 –Going Beyond Training: Adapting and Creating a Whole New World Whether you live in the Pacific Coast region of the United States or anywhere in the world, we welcome you to our virtual event. This is the first, U.S. regional gathering presented by TLCPCP outside of the Portland Gathering and it is coordinated … Read more

Silver Bullet Syndrome

Michael Smull talks about how training in person centered thinking and planning is just the beginning and not the end to the culture change that we seek.

A Guide to Single Household Supported Living Services

Developed for Connections for Information and Resources on Community Living (CIRCL) by Kathleen Campbell Joan Schmidt June, 2004 Written by parent vendors Kathi Campbell and Joan Schmidt, this is a comprehensive guide for parents who want to be vendored for single household supported living services. While some of the particulars (e.g., regulations) may have been … Read more

A Consumer’s Guide to the Lanterman Act

This book is about the Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act (people also call it the Lanterman Act, for short) which was passed in 1969. This is the California law that says people with developmental disabilities and their families have a right to get the services and supports they need to live like people who don’t … Read more

Considerations for Regional Centers Implementing Person-Centered Organizational Change

For a variety of reasons, many of California’s regional centers are currently considering or have implemented a person-centered organizational initiative.  Moving towards a person-centered system requires considerable thought and planning to be effective. This brief article present some factors to consider in the early stages of planning, implementation, or efforts to sustain the initiative. There … Read more

Positive & Productive Meetings

by Helen Sanderson and Jean Balfour with Barney Cunningham and Amanda George Illustrations by Marc Archambault Positive and Productive Meetings (PPM) is a set of strategies initially developed by consultants in England attempting to steal back their own time and energy as well as that of the people they worked with everyday. Over time very simple, … Read more

Citizen-Centered Leadership Resource and Learning Center

Citizen-Centered Leadership is at the hub of a growing number of people who are concerned with preserving the integrity of landmark advances in the Inclusion movement while stepping boldly away from the traditional practices that hold people with disabilities back from full citizenship expression. It is a portal that invites you to explore what others … Read more