ANDI for Consumers

A workbook for helping people with disabilities evaluate the places they live and work. This is a workbook about PROGRAM EVALUATION. That means looking at the things a program is good at (its strengths) and the things it should work on (its needs). It is a way to help a program improve and get better at working with the people it serves. ANDI for Consumers

This workbook was developed as an adaptation of the ANDI (A Normalization and Development Instrument) which was a California developmental services evaluation tool for regional center services and supports. The ANDI was, in turn, based on the PASS (Program Analysis of Service Systems) which was written by Wolf Wolfensberger. ANDI for Consumers was written by William T. Allen and Nancy E.S. Gardner and Published by Kansas University Affiliated Facility; First Edition 1982, Second edition 1983, Third Edition 1985.

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