Supporting Regional Center Initiatives for Person Centered Organizational Change

This page will focus on providing articles, tools, links and other resources for California Regional Centers who are moving towards, implementing or sustaining person centered organizational change.


Silver Bullet Syndrome

Michael Smull talks about how training in person centered thinking and planning is just the beginning of the journey towards culture change in the service system. Silver Bullet Syndrome

Considerations for Person Centered Organizational Change

This brief article present some factors to consider in the early stages of planning, implementation, or efforts to sustain the initiative. Considerations for PCT Change Initiatives

The Learning Community for Person Centered Practices

Here's a link to the website for more resources on person centered thinking as well as trainers in every state. The Learning Community for Person Centered Practices

Person Centered Thinking (PCT) and Individual Program Plans

Whether using Sandis or a customized format, it’s important to work on aligning regional center IPPs with the principles and practices of person centered thinking. Here are some resources to consider when working towards that alignment.

  • Here’s a checklist developed by Mary Beth Lepkowsky (TCRC) that will guide IPP and service planning alignment with the new CMS expectations for person centered plans. 

Skills Application Log Fillable Form

Once the PCT trainers have gone, it’s time to do the hard work of implementing and sustaining person centered thinking and planning skills. The fillable form provides service coordinators the opportunity to record their suggestions for using each of the skills and to share that learning with others. Skills Application Log Fillable Form

Presence to Contribution

A visual representation of moving towards a person centered organization and the support needed to get there. For more information contact Mary Beth Lepkowsky or Tina Calderaro-Mendoza.

Types of Training Available

A list of the types of training available to support person centered thinking and planning. Use the contact list below for more information on any of these topics or a referral to someone who can assist you.

Training and Consulting Registry

This list provides contact information for individuals in California who are certified PCT trainers. They can provide additional information about training opportunities.

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