The California Gatherings “Express” Resource Board

Resource content, training, and webinars from current and past California Gatherings newsletters and resource notes, national and statewide gatherings and and a variety of websites. Focusing on person centered services and support. We welcome your posts under any of these topics, please sent your items to Main Page Person Centered Thinking, Practices, and Planning Training … Read more

Foundational Writings

Michael Smull, Susan Burke Harrison, John and Connie Lyle O’Brien , Beth Mount, Marsha and Jack Pearpoint and others have written about person-centered thinking, planning, and services and supports for some time. We consider their work from the 1980s to today to be foundational and want to make sure that they’re not lost. We have … Read more

Getting from Where I Am to Where I Want to Be! A Transition Workbook (fillable version)

What’s this all about? Your answers to these questions can help you put together a transition plan. A plan to help you reach the best possible future. The questions are written in the first person, so that the focus is always on you, the person in transition. You can use this in several ways: (1) … Read more

A Workbook for Your Personal Passport

This workbook is for people with developmental disabilities and their friends and families who want to learn more about person-centered planning. This workbook is for people with developmental disabilities and their friends and families who want to learn more about person-centered planning. When you’re finished filling it out, you can take it to your next … Read more

It’s My Choice!

It’s My Choice The 2017 edition of It’s My Choice has been updated and is now available.  The content reflects 21st Century language and thinking about services and supports for individuals with developmental disabilities; and the format is designed for easier navigation and to improve usability.  The concept and principles of person centered planning are interwoven throughout.  The … Read more

Listen to Me! (fillable pdf version)

Listen to Me! was developed at a time when Essential Lifestyle Planning (ELP) was one of the gold standards of person-centered planning. While it still sets a high standard, since that time, many other methods of planning with individuals for the lives they want to lead have been developed. Please make sure that you understand … Read more

How Sonoma County became the dark center of America’s forced sterilization movement

Santa Rosa Press Democrat –  October 21, 2021 “Institutions collect secrets when they stand for 130 years. The stately, tree-shaded campus of the Sonoma Developmental Center may harbor more than most. Closed in 2018. It’s a tranquil place these days, the steady stream of neighborhood walkers diverted only by an occasional team of firefighters or police … Read more

We’ve Changed The California Gatherings Resource Notes!

After a year of desktop publishing the California Gatherings Newsletter and Resource Notes, we’ve decided to move to an email format. It’s faster and easier to move resource information out to our mailing list in a timely way. We’ve also merged elements of the Newsletters into the Resource Notes. If you would like to subscribe or would … Read more

Measure for Measure: person-centered quality assurance

In the summer of 2000, representatives of nine national developmental disabilities organizations joined together to launch theDevelopmental Disabilities Quality Coalition (DDQC). The purpose of the DDQC is to prospectively address the public issues surrounding the quality and availability of community services for persons with developmental disabilities. The Wingspread Conference was organized around a series of … Read more

Allen, Shea & Associates – Examples of DVBE Subcontracts

Here is a listing of recent DVBE subcontracts that we are currently working on or have successfully completed: First 5 California Kit for New Parents Evaluation with American Institutes of Research (2022 – Present) First 5 California Home Visiting Workforce Policy Recommendations & Supporting Evidence with Child Trends (2022) CDCR Professional Learning Communities in Corrections … Read more