It’s My Choice!

It’s My Choice

The 2017 edition of It’s My Choice has been updated and is now available.  The content reflects 21st Century language and thinking about services and supports for individuals with developmental disabilities; and the format is designed for easier navigation and to improve usability.  The concept and principles of person centered planning are interwoven throughout.  The Person Centered Plan is one of the first checklists.

This updated edition is also interactive. Each of the guides and checklists can be completed online, saved, updated, and downloaded and printed out. These can be used to help individuals, who need and use services, prepare for their planning meetings, as a point of reference so they can be more actively involved during their meetings, and to encourage opportunities for them to express their personal life goals.

Previous editions and formats are still available and can be downloaded at the links. (August 2017)

2017 Edition Print Version available (Order Form)

2017 Edition PDF Version   
2012 Edition Text Version
2012 Edition Spanish Text Version PDF
2012 Spanish Text Version (Word Doc)

Download an audio version of the original edition (mp3)

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