SACRAMENTO, CA [BY MARTY OMOTO, CDCAN LAST UPDATED 11/28/2017 09:10 AM] – Art Bolton, the widely respected and beloved disability rights advocate and the author of what became the landmark “Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act” – the nation’s first civil rights act protecting people with developmental disabilities in California – passed away Monday evening in Sacramento, according to his daughter, Claudia Bolton.

“My father passed away peacefully last night. He was ready to have his body and soul leave this earth. He was surrounded by family,” Claudia Bolton said.

She indicated that “our family tradition is to have a private ceremony on the north coast which is what we will do. We will not be organizing a community ceremony or memorial service.”

Note: Art is credited with playing a major role in writing the Lanterman Act in California. He was also a great guy and father of long-time PCP Mentor Trainer and supported living service provider, Claudia Bolton. Below you will find links to two YouTube videos. One on the back story of the Lanterman Act and the other on Lanterman Petris Short. Art is a great story teller and both stories are amazing. Our hearts go out to Claudia and her family!

The Creation of the Lanterman Act: Arthur Bolton’s Back Story
This the back story of the development of the Lanterman Act from Art Bolton’s perspective. This piece of landmark legislation created the entitlement to community services and supports for people with developmental disabilities and their families in California. Art has led an amazing life and this video covers eight years from about 1960-1968. In the midst of that time, Art was the director of the California State Assembly Office of Research. This video is 37 minutes long with 11 parts. If you can’t watch it in one sitting, watch a bit and come back. We’re guessing that you will be hooked within the first two or three parts.

Passage of the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act: Art Bolton’s Back Story
It’s midnight and the California legislature is about to adjourn for the session. Can Art and his staff at the Assembly Office of Research act in time to pass the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act? Watch and see for yourself!