ANDI for Consumers

A workbook for helping people with disabilities evaluate the places they live and work. This is a workbook about PROGRAM EVALUATION. That means looking at the things a program is good at (its strengths) and the things it should work on (its needs). It is a way to help a program improve and get better … Read more


2020 Person Centered Thinking Training flyer  Here’s a listing of two-day trainings offered by Mains’l. Person-centered thinking (PCT) focuses on empowering people receiving supports to have positive control over a life they find meaningful. PCT approaches respectfully address issues of health and safety from a variety of perspectives. In this 2-day interactive training participants learn to … Read more

Silver Bullet Syndrome

Michael Smull talks about how training in person centered thinking and planning is just the beginning and not the end to the culture change that we seek.

Supported Living Service Quality Review Process

The SLS Quality Review Process is designed as a comprehensive team review of a provider’s supported living services. By looking at how the provider is doing in supporting a sample of individuals, the team will identify the provider’s areas of strengths and needs. The SLS Quality Review Process is focused on the provider and would only … Read more