Archives of NorCal Gathering Committee Newsletters and Resource Notes

Newsletter #1 – Article about choice and control; and a visual flow chart describing how to build a person centered one page description and plan.

Newsletter #2 – Focused on supporting individuals to make community connections.

Special Edition – Devoted to resources Regarding the pandemic and support services.

Newsletter #4 – Focused on supported decision-making and self-advocacy resources and tools.

Resource Note #1 – COVID-19 Toolkit For DSPs Resources to help DSPs take care of themselves during the crisis

Resource Note #2 – Coping with Coronavirus and Social Isolation Webinar

Resource Note #3 – Webinar: Tools for Supporting People When Familiar Supports Aren’t Available

Resource Note #4 – NAMI COVID-19 Resource and Information Guide

Resource Note #5 – International Disability Alliance – Leaving No-One Behind in the Disability-Inclusive Reponse

Resource Note #6 – On the Ground with the Pandemic: A provider perspective

Resource Note #7 – How do you talk about COVID-19 to people with intellectual disabilities?

Resource Note #8 – HHS OCR Issues Guidance Confirming that Federal Law Prohibits Disability Discrimination in Rationing Scarce Medical Treatment; Disability and Disaster Hotline during COVID-19; and How the COVID-19 Stimulus Package Impacts People with Disabilities

Resource Note #9 – The continued importance of ritual and routines

Resource Note #10 – COVID-19 Health Summary for a Person with a Developmental Disability

Resource Note #11 – One Page Descriptions for People who are Sick or Hospitalized

Resource Note #12 – More Resources for Supporting Individuals During the Pandemic

Resource Note #13 – Communication Rights and Multiple Uses for One-Page Descriptions

Resource Note#14 – COVID-19 Resources for Direct Support Professionals and Advocates

Resource Note #15 – More information on creating one page profiles and health passports with examples

Resource Note #16 – Article about loss and grief; website resource for a clear and easy to understand explanation of COVID-19; and, a survey of DSPs

Resource Note #17 – Impact of pandemic on organizations; links to ASL videos regarding COVID-19; share your story; and links to English and Spanish information from Self Advocates Becoming Empowered

Resource Note #18 – You’ll find a link to a video about why your doctor looks different during Covid-19. You’ll also find: information about a TASH webinar; an email campaign for making sure that Direct Support Professionals have the protective gear they need to continue their work; and, an announcement about the TLC Portland Gathering.