DDS SafetyNet and dspTV Channels

We’ve been working on content for the DDS SafetyNet website for some time. More recently, we’ve been adding videos to the mix. What fun! Check it out on the DDS SafetyNet You Tube channel. Here are a few for starters: It’s not Okay Eat Right, Stay Healthy Stay Healthy This Winter Stress Less  

Why is the NCI Important?

A group of advocates from the Statewide DDS California Consumer Advisory Committee talking about the importance of the National Core Indicators.

What I’d Say by Michael Steinbruck

Listen to the words, ‘What I’d Say‘ is a powerful song about our work. It is written and performed by Michael Steinbruck and Andrew Maroko, and stars Roger Crown.

It’s Great to Have Friends

This video can be used as an introduction to the content of the Friends curriculum package titled Supporting Healthy Friendships on the SafetyNet. In that package, you will find a newsletter for supporters and tip sheets titled: Friendship – 10 Things to Know; Making New Friends; and, What Do I Like to Do? a worksheet about community … Read more


Naturally is a song and video about the importance of home. Music by Michael Steinbruck.

1966 Summer

The summer of 1966 was wild and noisy. Vietnam had spiraled into a war. There was a growing immediacy to the civil rights movement. Demonstrations and community activism. Gas was thirty-two cents a gallon. Batman on TV, Ronald Reagan governor of California, the Berlin Wall was 5 years old. This was the world outside of … Read more