Person Centered Planning and Communication of End-Of-Life Wishes With People Who Have Developmental Disabilities

by Leigh Ann Kingsbury, MPA, Gerontologist Person centered planning is a common practice in most developmental disability systems. As people with disabilities are living to old age and being supported in the community as they age and die, there is an ever increasing need for advance care planning for people who have developmental and intellectual disabilities; … Read more

Helping staff support choice

byMichael W. Smull  As more and more people with significant disabilities are moving from group homes to supported living the challenges in supporting them in their choices increase. The staff involved with these individuals are often told to simultaneously support choice, build community relationships (and acceptance) and assure health and safety. Staff blessed with uncommon … Read more

Skills Application Log for Ways to Use Person Centered Skills for Service Coordinators and Direct Support Professionals

Once the PCT trainers have gone, it’s time to do the hard work of implementing and sustaining person centered thinking and planning skills. The fillable form provides service coordinators the opportunity to record their suggestions for using each of the skills and to share that learning with others. Skills Application Log Fillable Form. Same form for … Read more

Moving Towards a Person Centered System: Lessons Learned (click for links)

This set of 34 clips is a compilation based on a two day training by Michael Smull from October, 2016. Clips include the basic elements of person centered thinking, values and assumptions, choice, trauma, systems change strategies and working with resistance. You’ll find these clips at the SDAUS1 YouTube channel on the Moving Towards a Person Centered System playlist.

Save the Date for the Next NorCal Gathering

Join us on March 21-22, 2018 at the Petaluma Community Center for the Third (Almost) Annual NorCal Gathering. Our theme will be: Moving Towards A Person Centered System of Services and Supports Keynote speaker will be Michael Smull, Chair, The Learning Community for Person Centered Practices This gathering is sponsored CIRCL. To sign up for the mailing list on … Read more

Guidelines: How to Write and Report About People with Disabilities

The first edition of the Guidelines was produced with funding from the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research. Since then, more than one million copies have been distributed, and the electronic version is now used by people around the world. Please use the Guidelines when you write or report about people with disabilities. We … Read more

Best Practice, Expected Practice, and the Challenge of Scale

by Michael W. Smull, Mary Lou Bourne, and Helen Sanderson Most state developmental disabilities (DD) systems have supported the development of best practice pilots and have defined the desired best practice outcomes. But the challenge to move typical practice toward best practice to “take best practice to scale” remains. To do this, state leaders need to … Read more