More Than a Meeting: A Guide to the Person-Centered Individual Program Plan

Originally developed for the Department of Developmental Services


Allen, Shea & Associates

This is a large format version of the pocket we originally developed. Like many of the other documents we keep resurrecting, it’s still pretty spot on.

What’s This Guide All About?

The Lanterman Act is the law in California that says that people with developmental disabilities have a right to certain services. In 1992, that law was changed in many ways. One of those changes has to do with the way that people figure out what should go into an Individual Program Plan (IPP). This new way is called person centered planning and this Pocket Guide is about how to do it. This guide was made by the California Department of Developmental Services with the help of people with developmental disabilities, family members, advocates and people who work for regional centers, developmental centers and support services agencies.

Guide to Person Centered IPPs